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Final Grades
Final grades will be posted about 9 a.m. Monday. Grades are not final until then.
Senior Project Revision Info
Senior Project Revision Instructions have been posted.
FYI Senior Project Preliminary Research Checklist Items
The following items will be on a checklist that I will give you tomorrow, to be turned in with your cards and worksheet answers:

Senior Project Preliminary Research Checklist
*Answering “N” for any asterisked item may result in drastically reduced or no credit for these cards if the problem is chronic.
1. ______ # of sources (bib cards) attached.
2. ______# of above sources for which you have note cards.
3. ______# of note cards attached.
4. Y/N Do you have a bib card for a true encyclopedia source?
5. Y/N Do you have note cards from the encyclopedia source?
6. Y/N *Do ALL bib cards have a source number?
7. Y/N Do ALL bib cards have comments on the sources?
8. Y/N Do ALL bib cards have complete and correct MLA info?
9. Y/N *Do ALL note cards have the source-link number?
10. Y/N *Do ALL note cards have page numbers, as appropriate?
11. Y/N Do most note cards have subject headings?
12. Y/N Do most note cards have comments about the notes?
13. Y/N Do ALL cards adhere to the required format?
14. Most notes are (circle): Summary/Paraphrase or Quotations
15. Use the space below to explain the above, or to ask questions or describe problems or issues you are having with the senior project:
IMPORTANT: Preliminary Research Deadline Extension
For various reasons, I'm extending the deadline for the worksheet and the first set of cards until the end of the period on Tuesday, 4/7. Bring sources and materials to work with on Monday and Tuesday. If you are done, bring materials to work on the Beowulf (Pd 2) or ekphrasis (AP Lit) essay. This change does not push back other senior project deadlines. Also, and VERY IMPORTANT, find an appropriately-sized binder clip for your cards. Finally, please spread the word about this announcement, as I do not know if all of you will see this. Happy hunting in your ongoing research!
Here at CSUN
1:04 pm. I'm here at the CSUN library, if anyone needs help with anything! Ground floor, middle, by windows!
CSUN Library
Confirming that I'll be at the CSUN library tomorrow, Wednesday, April 1st, around 12:30, to help with senior projects. If people are there and need me, I'll stay awhile. If not, I'll be returning to spring break after an hour or so.
Wanderer and Seafarer texts
Wanderer and Seafarer texts have been posted.
Senior Project Sample Subjects
The file with sample subjects has been posted. You do not have to choose one of these; it's just for your own information so you can see how broad the range of literature-based topics can be.
Senior Project sample note cards
Please print the file "Senior Project sample note cards, etc." and bring it to class tomorrow.
Postponement of Epic test
Oops, forgot to announce today that the test on the epic, Beowulf, Deep Law, etc., will be postponed to Tuesday, March 17, so we can get the senior project underway. Apologies!
Senior Project General Overview
The file "Senior Project General Overview and Syllabus, English 12" has been posted.
PDF Version of Gallery Notes form posted
A PDF version of the Gallery Notes form has been added to SchoolFusion. Hope this helps those of you who had trouble printing in the proper format.
RE: Zero-Draft Critique
See sample zero-draft critique.
Uploaded "What A Thesis Is Not"
For your use, I have uploaded "What A Thesis Is Not."
Topic Support Sample 2
Additional sample Topic Support Chart and text are under the file names "Fact-Idea List - Chapter V" and "Chapter V."
Discussion Topics
 0-Draft Critique Sample.pdf
Zero-Draft Critique Sample
 A Typical College-Style Revision Process - General.docx
A Typical College-Style Revision Process
 Chapter V text.doc
Chapter V - Text
 Do CEOs Matter - PDF.docx
"Do CEOs Matter?" PDF
 Do CEOs Matter.docx
"Do CEOs Matter?" Word doc.
 Essay Revision - CP Senior Project version, 2015.docx
Senior Project Revision Instructions
 Fact-Idea List -- Chapter V.xls
Fact-Idea List -- Chapter V
 Harkness prep questions to ask of each text.docx
Harkness Discussion Prep Questions to Ask of Each Text
 Harp Seal Hunt - Argument in Action.pdf
Harp Seal Hunt - Argument in Action
 Hrothgar's Sermon - Text.pdf
"Hrothgar's Sermon - Text"
 Mrs. Kelly's Monster.pdf
Mrs. Kelly's Monster
 Participation I Self-Reflection - rev.docx
Participation 1, Self-Assessment
 Presentation Planning - Spkg and Wkg Outlines.pdf
Presentation Planning - Spkg and Wkg Outlines
 R & R Sample (AC).pdf
Sample Zero-Draft Critique
 Sample Research Paper - Gerke, Wrtg Worth Rdg.pdf
Sample Research Paper - Gerke, Wrtg Worth Rdg
 Sample Subjects for Senior Project.doc
Sample Subjects for Senior Projects
 Senior Project Overview and General Syllabus - CP English 12, 2015.doc
Senior Project General Overview and Syllabus, CP English 12, 2015
 Senior Project sample cards, etc.pdf
Senior Project sample cards, etc.
 Sr. Project Preliminary Research Worksheet - 2015.doc
Senior Project Preliminary Research Worksheet, 2015
 Syllabus CP English 12, 2014-2015.doc
2014 -2015 Syllabus, CP English 12
 The Wanderer and The Seafarer texts.docx
Wanderer and Seafarer texts
 Topic Support Chart, R & J, Poison.xls
Sample Topic Support Chart, R & J, Poison
 Topoi and Pentad.pdf
Topoi and Pentad
 What a Thesis is Not.docx
What A Thesis Is Not
 Works Cited Info - Sunday and Thank You.docx
Information for Works Cited Page - "Sunday in the Park," "Thank You, M'am"
No "Homework" exist(s)

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